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California Attorney Victor Mordey Offers Solutions If You Are Facing Mortgage Foreclosure

Nothing is more unsettling and humiliating than being served a notice of foreclosure. While you may fear the future, we want you to know that there are solutions to your mortgage foreclosure problems.

You Are Not Alone In Facing Possible Foreclosure

No matter how often you hear about others who are facing foreclosure, the process itself makes you feel very isolated.

At the bankruptcy law firm of Victor Mordey, you are not alone because I am at your side. As your lawyer, I will work hard to offer you solutions if you are facing mortgage foreclosure. I also want to remove your fear of the legal process, your confusion about what the future may hold, your reluctance to ask for help, and your wariness of how personal bankruptcy strategies will affect your future.

This is why your initial consultation with me is so important. Our first meeting sets the tone for our working relationship. I want my legal knowledge, over 20 years of experience and client commitment to be a comfort to you, while you confront home foreclosure. I will continue to provide personal attention throughout your case. Together, we can accomplish the fresh start you deserve.

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