Appellate Deadlines And When To File

Time Is Of The Essence When Considering A Family Law Appeal!

If you are considering appealing a trial court’s decision in your divorce or family law case, it is crucial to understand that there are strict deadlines and procedures that must be complied with. If a deadline is missed, you may permanently lose your right to file an appeal and will be bound by the trial court’s decision. You must act quickly to protect your right to file an appeal.

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Filing an appeal is not just a matter of entering basic information into a template motion document. If you hire a new lawyer for your appeals case, it will be necessary for the lawyer to become familiar with your case and perform a comprehensive review to determine if there are legal grounds for appeal.

Preparing to file your appeal may involve:

  • Requesting court documents, records and court transcripts
  • Reviewing the trial court record
  • Analyzing all aspects of the case
  • Performing thorough and technical legal research
  • Determining if there are legal grounds for appeal
  • Preparing a comprehensive and compelling appellate brief

All of this must be completed in a timely manner so that your appeal can be filed with the appropriate court and within the required appellate deadline.

Every Day Counts When Preparing A Family Law Appeal

Whether pursuing a motion at the trial court level prior to an appeal or pursuing an appeal of the trial court’s decision, time is of the essence. Once strict deadlines to file such motions or appeals are missed, you cannot turn back time. You will lose your right to proceed any further with your appeal. Additionally, with the high level of lawyering involved in preparing your appeal, it is very important to contact an attorney immediately to give your attorney as much time as possible to prepare your case.

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