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The Interplay Between Divorce And Bankruptcy Can Work To Your Advantage In Family Court And Bankruptcy Court

Most family law attorneys do not practice bankruptcy, and most bankruptcy lawyers do not practice family law. In addition, most family law judges are not familiar with bankruptcy, and most bankruptcy judges are not familiar with family law. This means that if you can find an attorney who understands the interplay between divorce and bankruptcy, you may have a big advantage in family court and bankruptcy court.

I have been practicing family law and bankruptcy for over twenty years. As a result, I am thoroughly knowledgeable about how family law and bankruptcy interact with each other. I am able to offer my clients the maximum benefit possible from the interplay between family law and bankruptcy which other attorneys are simply not able to provide. Consequently, I am able to address for you the following issues:

  • Why filing bankruptcy might be a good legal strategy in your divorce case
  • Whether it is better to file bankruptcy before, during, or after, your divorce
  • How your divorce will have an impact on your bankruptcy case
  • Whether you have to pay your community property debt (your debt and your spouse’s debt) if you file bankruptcy
  • The effect on your community property which filing bankruptcy will have
  • How filing a bankruptcy may resolve in federal court much of the conflict over property and debt issues which you are having with your spouse in family court
  • Why filing a bankruptcy may be a good way to resolve your divorce case even if you have high net worth
  • And many other issues

Your divorce and bankruptcy cases will have a tremendous impact on one another. By hiring an attorney who handles both bankruptcy and divorce matters, you can have confidence that critical issues are being carefully considered and that both cases will be coordinated in an effective manner that facilitates maximum success.

Divorce And Bankruptcy Oftentimes Go Hand-In-Hand

Did the financial problems that contributed to the breakdown of your marriage ultimately lead to the need to file for bankruptcy? Has your divorce caused such financial strain that filing for bankruptcy is inevitable?

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Hire The Right Attorney When Facing Divorce And Bankruptcy

When you are facing overwhelming legal concerns, such as the complex issues in divorce or difficult financial problems that may lead to bankruptcy, it is important to have an experienced attorney who can ensure your interests are protected. However, when facing both legal matters, it is imperative to consult an experienced lawyer who has the ability to handle both cases, providing effective bankruptcy and divorce counsel tailored to your situation.

Very few lawyers handle bankruptcy law as well as family law cases. However, at the Law Office of Victor Mordey, I have over two decades of experience doing just that — providing effective legal representation to clients in bankruptcy and family law matters, such as divorce.

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Learn how you can use the interaction between family law and bankruptcy to your advantage.