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You have a right to have a relationship with your child, and your child has a right to have a relationship with you. The right of a parent and child to have a relationship together is so important that it is guaranteed by both the United States Constitution and the California State Constitution. In addition, psychological studies consistently demonstrate that in normal cases children need frequent interaction with both their fathers and their mothers in order to grow up as healthy as possible. The child custody and child visitation order we obtain in court will have a big impact on your life and the lives of your children. When dealing with such vulnerable issues, it is natural to have strong and heart-felt feelings about your case. There may be a mountain of sensitive family issues that you want to share with your lawyer and with the court — things you need to get off your chest and things you may feel are important for the court to know to make a decision.

Many parents make the mistake of handling child custody and child visitation issues on their own. In doing so, they generally present evidence which courts consider to be irrelevant or which courts use against parents to harm their cases! This is because most parents simply do not know what information courts believe to be relevant and helpful. At the Law Office of Victor Mordey, I am here to listen and provide honest legal advice about your case. With over 20 years of experience, I know how to present evidence which courts will consider to be relevant and which will help you with your case — not hurt you.

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Chula Vista and San Diego: Sole or Joint Legal Child Custody — Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

Whether determining child custody arrangements in divorce, legal separation or any other family law case, it is important to realize that in normal cases children thrive on the love they receive from both their parents. Therefore, it is usually in a child’s best interest to have as much contact as possible with each parent under some form of a shared parenting plan rather than sole custody.

  • Physical Custody: Physical custody refers to a parent’s right and responsibility to provide a residence for the child. Physical custody can be shared or awarded solely to one parent. In a joint physical custody arrangement, the child must have frequent and continuing contact with both parents, even if there is one primary custodial parent. Generally, the parent that serves as the primary caretaker will also be the recipient of child support.
  • Legal Custody: Legal custody refers to a parent’s right and responsibility to make important decisions involving the child’s health, education, and welfare. Legal custody is generally awarded to both parents but can be awarded solely to one parent. Routine or day-to-day decisions are usually handled by whichever parent the child is with at the time.

Modifications of Child Custody and Visitation

Interpersonal dynamics change within almost every family as children grow older and have different needs. Family courts do not expect that a child custody order will be suitable forever. Child sharing agreements may need to be modified in the future. Sometimes, in order to modify a child sharing order, a parent needs to show that there has been a substantial and material change in circumstances. Other times, such a showing is not required. An experienced lawyer, such as myself, will know when such a showing is necessary. Regardless, the following factors are almost always relevant:

  • Abuse or neglect of the child by either parent
  • Changes in the child’s schedule (such as extra-curricular activities that conflict with current parenting time arrangements)
  • Negative effect on a child by a new spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Parent-child relocation/move-aways
  • Other changes in circumstances

With over two decades of experience handling complex family law situations, I can benefit clients in devising realistic child custody modifications that are favorable to the parents and are in the best interests of the child.

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