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Generally, child support is a relatively straightforward issue that is based upon a strict formula involving the incomes of both parents, the number of children being supported, how much time each parent spends with the children involved, as well as many other factors. These child support guidelines are used whether the court is establishing child support or it is evaluating a request for child support modification. Although the calculation of child support is straightforward, an experienced family law attorney can still affect the amount of child support by manipulating the factors which are used to perform the calculation.

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When dealing with child support matters, it is important to hire an experienced family law attorney who can help make sure that guideline child support is calculated favorably to you. This means hiring an experienced child support lawyer such as myself.

I am Victor Mordey, an experienced Chula Vista, California, child support attorney. In addition to my over 20 years of experience handling tough family law issues for clients, I worked as a supervisor for the Department of Child Support Services at the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. This gives me a unique perspective as to how child support is calculated and how it can be influenced. As your attorney, I work carefully to ensure that child support truly reflects your situation and the needs of your child.

Child Support Modifications

Child support never seems to be the right amount — whether you are ordered to pay child support or whether you are ordered to receive child support. Sometimes, courts allow parents to request a modification of child support only when there is a significant change in circumstances. Other times, no significant change in circumstances is required. In either case, courts look to the following factors, among others:

  • Whether a parent’s income significantly increases or decreases
  • Whether a parent’s responsibility in caring for a child changes (modifications in child custody or in the percentage of parenting time)
  • Significant increase or decrease in health insurance costs
  • Whether the law requires that a significant change in circumstances must be shown
  • Other significant changes in financial circumstances or life circumstances

If you believe you are entitled to a review of your case, or if the other parent is requesting a modification, I can answer your questions and provide effective legal representation.

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