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Child Abduction

Has your ex-spouse or partner left the country or state with your child? If so, you have rights. Parental child abduction involves civil and criminal laws at state, national and international levels. Parental child abductions range from parents who flee with a child temporarily in the hopes of gaining an advantage in a custody dispute, to parents who cross state or international lines with an intent to permanently deprive the other parent of parental rights. Sometimes parents flee out fear that their safety, or the safety of their children, is in danger.

I am Attorney Victor Mordey. I am an experienced lawyer who has handled many parental child abductions in both national and international cases. I can help you.

International Child Abduction

The United States and many other countries are members of an International Treaty called the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. As members of this treaty, the countries have agreed that if a child has been removed from a parent who has custody or is actively participating in the child’s life without that parent’s permission, the child has to be returned immediately. However, under certain circumstances, courts are permitted to deny requests to return children to their nations of origin.

I have represented many parents who were the victims of international child abduction or parental kidnapping. I have also represented many parents who fled with their child for morally justifiable reasons.

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Do Not Make Mistakes: Hire An Experienced Attorney For These Complex Custody Issues

It is imperative that you hire an attorney who is experienced in this area. Many attorneys make basic mistakes such as filing in a court which is not as sympathetic to their case as another court would be, failing to utilize legal remedies which are more effective than the Hague Convention, and relying on the District Attorney’s Office when a private attorney can process a case much more quickly.

Also, since many of these cases are appealed, it is important that you hire an attorney, such as myself, who will be able to represent you through the entire process including any possible appeal. I have over 20 years of experience with child abduction matters and have taken part in several appellate cases which have been published. I have experience in California state courts as well as federal courts.

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