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You have a right to have a relationship with your grandchild, and your grandchild has a right to have a relationship wit you. For whatever reason — divorce, death of a child’s biological parent, incarceration, disconnect between a child’s grandparent and parent, or any other reason — you are being denied valuable time with your grandchild and your grandchild is being denied special time with you. You have questions about your rights and about your legal options.

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Children thrive on the love and support they receive from parents, grandparents and other family members. The more support and attention, the better. Even so, grandparents do not have an automatic right to visitation. It must be requested.

At the Law Office of Victor Mordey, I recognize that clients who come to my law firm with questions about grandparent rights are dealing with a difficult, emotional and very personal family law issue. I listen intently to their situation and get to work preparing a legal strategy to achieve their goals.

In order to succeed in a California grandparents’ rights case, it is important for your lawyer to be aware of, and thoroughly understand, federal and state law that could influence your case. Not only do I know the law, I know what strategies can be effective in working around roadblocks which can prevent you from having a relationship with your grandchild.

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