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When appealing a decision, preparation at the trial court level is everything. Because you are not able to introduce new evidence at the appeals level, an effective appeal depends on a well-prepared record in the family court.

You will never know in advance if you will need to appeal a decision of the trial court because you will not know until the trial court has rendered its decision whether you like the decision that it made. Due to this unknown, it is important to “hope for the best and prepare for the worst” by assuming that you will need to appeal. This will force you to prepare for an appeal at the trial court level, thereby ensuring that your appellate rights are protected. Hiring an experienced California family law appeals lawyer can help.

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The most commonly appealed decisions at the trial court level deal with the following family law matters:

As an appellate attorney with a family law practice, I can help you with your family law issue. I will make sure your family law issue is handled the right way from the beginning to avoid mistakes that could hurt your chances on appeal.

A common mistake is not making sure the record is appropriately established to provide grounds for appeal. It is important to request a statement of decision at the conclusion of a family court matter. A statement of decision lays out the facts and legal foundation underlying a trial court’s order. If a statement of decision is not requested, the appeals court will presume the trial court found and weighed all of the facts and evidence correctly — regardless of whether it did so or not.

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