I Am Not Just A “Chula Vista” Lawyer

Photo of Victor Mordey

Many people say that there are too many lawyers. That may be true of English-speaking lawyers, but that is not true of Spanish-speaking lawyers. The fact is that there are not enough lawyers who can meet the needs of Spanish-speaking people. Because I speak Spanish, I wanted to open my office in an area where there are a lot of Spanish-speaking people so that there would be high demand for my services. That is why I opened my office in Chula Vista.

But the fact that I opened my office in Chula Vista does not mean that I only see clients and handle cases out of Chula Vista. On the contrary, a very large part of my practice is dedicated to handling cases and serving the needs of people, whether they speak English or Spanish, in the greater San Diego area.

So, regardless of where you live, please feel free to call.