Hire An Appellate Attorney With A Family Law Practice In San Diego

If the trial court made a mistake when deciding your case, you have the right to appeal. When dealing with a family law matter, the appellate attorney you choose to represent you is very important.

To succeed at the appellate court level, you need an attorney who thoroughly understands how to leverage appellate law for your benefit. To be effective with a divorce, support or property division appeal, it is equally important to have an attorney with a detailed comprehension of the family law that applied at the trial court level as well. If you have a family law appeal, hiring an appellate attorney who practices in this area of law is crucial.

The Chula Vista Law Office of Victor Mordey brings over 20 years of experience representing individuals in family law matters and family law appeals. To arrange a free initial consultation, contact the law office by phone at 619-409-7900.

Experienced Chula Vista Lawyer Handling Divorce Appeals

Appellate law practice is complex. It is difficult for an appellate law attorney to know all the fields of law that apply to trial court decisions to bring an appeal. Simply put, hiring an appellate law attorney is not enough. When hiring an attorney to handle your divorce appeal, you need to hire a family law appeals attorney whose practice in family law enables him to efficiently identify errors that were made at the trial court level.

I am California divorce appeals lawyer Victor Mordey. I maintain an ongoing family law practice and I stay current on changes in the law that can affect your case. Because I have handled divorces at the trial court level and their appeals, I know where common mistakes are made. My ability to efficiently identify errors helps me provide my clients with cost-effective representation throughout their appeal.

I will go over your case with you, explain how appeals work and review your options. Whether you are appealing from an order regarding custody, child support, division of property or a complex high-asset divorce, I can help you.

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I understand that cost is frequently a concern when contemplating an appeal. I offer a free initial consultation. We can discuss your case and how I can work with you to make an appeal possible. I am fluent in Spanish. To schedule an appointment, contact my law firm by phone at 619-409-7900.

I offer cost-effective representation including payment plans and low retainers. Credit cards accepted.

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