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Loan Modifications In California

I am lawyer Victor Mordey. I have experience helping those trying to survive repercussions of our state and national recession: joblessness, homelessness, foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment and creditor harassment, to name just a few. You will work directly with me throughout your case, not an associate or paralegal. I provide personal attention when you need it most. A fresh start is out there, waiting for you.

Disadvantages of Loan Modifications

A loan modification may offer you the right amount of relief. On the other hand, loan modifications are limited and have their disadvantages including:

  • A loan modification cannot be used to decrease the amount of your loan. It is not to be construed as an attempt to refinance your home. You are not allowed to take out equity.
  • Many lenders are not reputable. The mortgage market has been flooded by fraudulent loan modification and debt consolidation scams.
  • Many reputable lenders are hesitant to offer loan modifications due to the reduced interest rates that would result.
  • Only one in ten homeowners currently qualify for a loan modifications. Requirements are precise, and eliminate many worthy potential applicants.

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