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People with family law issues and personal bankruptcy problems have one thing in common

— a natural reluctance to ask for help. You likely are confused, overwhelmed and wary of what divorce or bankruptcy protection can mean for your life.

This is why your initial consultation with me is so important. I provide honest answers to your questions and I can give you clear explanations of your legal options. I have proven strategies to discuss with you that can help put your crisis behind you so that you can move forward with your life.

Whether you have a bankruptcy or family law issue, your initial consultation with lawyer Victor Mordey is always free of charge. Contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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During your free initial consultation, you can feel free to confide in me the most private emotional and financial details of your family’s life. You can trust my willingness to consider your wishes. You will continue to work with me throughout your case. Your case will not be handled by an assistant or paralegal. I will always act in your best interests.

Personal bankruptcy clients should bring the following information to your initial consultation:

  • Proof of recent income
  • Your tax return from last year
  • Spouse’s proof of income, if you are married
  • Creditor statements

For California family law and divorce clients — if your divorce has already been filed, bring your court documents; otherwise, just bring yourself and we can discuss your case.

For family law appeals, bring all the documents you have from the trial court. If you have transcripts of any proceedings, be sure to bring those as well. And keep in mind that due to the complexity of appellate work, I will probably not be able to review all of your documents during our initial consultation and as a result I will probably not be able to provide you with a definitive prognosis of your case.

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Learn how you can use the interaction between family law and bankruptcy to your advantage.